Wind damage

On Tuesday we had rain and winds that were threatening to turn into something more and on Wednesday we had winds that were so strong it was hard to go outside so I didn’t. I could see my poor tomato plants bent over and touching the ground and I knew that there was not one thing I could do to save them. I spent a good part of the night stressing out over them and then finally decided whatever happens happens.

Thursday morning Mr.P and I went out to see what was damaged. 3 tomato plants had snapped, but the rest seemed to be doing okay. Mr.P took of my little pop bottle collars and put on the tomato cages. It was still really windy yesterday and we felt that this might help a bit.

Here is one that top half snapped off on. I think it might still survive though

Here is another that lost a branch. It’s still looking okay too 

My cabbage, cauliflowers and broccoli are a little sore after all the wind too. When I looked at them yesterday they were still being blown over and there little stems looked Today they have bounced back. I think they might be showing the first signs of bug damage, but it also could have just been the wind. I dusted them anyhow.

So all in all it wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it was going to be. The wind was so strong that my parents ended having a tree topple over in their backyard. It came down nicely just missing their deck and I think the removal is going to hurt more than the damage the tree did!

  So with the little damage we had I am doing a little happy dance and hoping that the weather calms down for the rest of the summer!!

In other news I think I may need yet another replacement for group one of the we bee learnin bee....oh

Have a great day!


  1. I hope everything recovers OK I had a hail storm a month ago that I thought would hurt a lot of things and everything seemed to bounce back just fine. A little bit of cosmetic damage, but things grew fine anyway.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the wind damage. It's the worrying that's the worst part. Isn't it?

  3. Poor tomatoes, but they look like they'll bounce back just fine. I had some terribly wind damaged peppers. They are recovering, but it's been really slow for them.

  4. Its such a shame when mother nature gets a little out of control on us. Jan 2011 we had just had some amazing results with our vegie patch because the weather had been so nice to us and then a flood came through and what wasnt destroyed couldnt be eaten and I had to dig the whole lot back through.

  5. Aww poor little tomato plans! Hey let me know if you need more on the swap. I know this month I am behind! But I am almost caught up!


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