Are you sure it's not March 30th?

Usually by April 30th spring is in full bloom the weather is lovely and well everything is just peachy keen since the snow is all gone and summer is just around the corner. That doesn’t mean we won’t get snow in May, but if it doesn’t it’s just a quick dusting and that it. However, as I have complained before this year is different. After having 18C weather on Saturday it snowed yesterday morning and not just a bit we got a nice big ole layer of it overnight followed by sleet and snow all day..YUCK

Mr. P got a call from his mother yesterday afternoon saying that the water was up over the road by the farm. Not good since that means that there could be good chance that their basement floods or septic system backs up. On Saturday the ditches were dry, however since the farm backs onto the river all the spring runoff heads their way. The ground was already pretty saturated and this extra snow is starting to put it at its breaking point.  

So after supper Mr.P, Zada and I took the truck to see how bad it was. Our first way was blocked due the RM digging on Saturday.

Option number 2 didn’t have a sign but half way down the road we hit this

Option number 3 was a bit iffy since the “good” roads which were perfect the day before were now closed.
Luckily we were still able to go left..towards the farm

As we just about reached the farm we saw this sign
Not good as there is a low spot right after it...but it was okay

But just past the house was this

Mr.P says that this is the highest the water has been here in 30years. The ditches are quite the way down so that is A LOT of water over night.

Right side of the road water was gushing out of the culvert

The water was flush with the left side of the road and going over

The field is almost all water

So there was out little monday night adventure!!
Have a great day


  1. My sympathies on your snow! Your flood pictures remind me so much of Manitoba; our road looked like that many times. Hope you don't have too much damage.

  2. You just haven't had a good spring have you? I hope it gets better.

  3. Oh my goodness! That is a lot of water. I wish there was a way to ship it to us. It CAN'T be winter much longer....right????

  4. That's a lot of road closures. Glad you were able to get to the farm. Spring has finally arrived here. Maybe it'll come and visit you soon


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