Seedlings part 3

Yesterday I decided to plant the rest of my seedlings. “They” are now saying the last spring frost date is going to be May 28th. “They” are also calling for a cool and very wet May/June so who knows if my seedlings will ever make it to the garden. However, things to change for example “they” were calling for a warmer than normal winter with less than normal snowfall. What we ended up with was one of one of the coolest with most snow in the past So what the heck do “they” know!!

Here is all the snow Mr.P piled up on the garden....gesh...LOL

So what did I all get planted you ask? Well let me tell you. I planted 2-3 seeds of each of the following but these are what my end numbers should be after thinning. The exception being the flowers, which I am going to pot up good all seedlings. I may also  keep a few more tomatoes if they germinate well

12 Roma VF tomatoes,     6 Roma f1 hybrids tomatoes,
3 Early girl tomatoes,  3 Brandywine tomatoes,
3 Manitoba tomatoes,    3 Early Cascade tomatoes,
6 Sun sugar tomatoes,    2 honeydew melon,
2 pumpkin ,  2 spaghetti squash,
2 butter nut squash,  2 sugar baby watermelon,
4 oregano,  5 basil,
8 camomile,  8 Lavender,
12 alyssum,  12 dahlia,
12 marigold,   8 easter egg flowers,
8 aster 

Here are the majority of the above

The flowers are out here for now along with my mess..LOL

Have a great day


  1. Wow, You must have a lot of Summer sun and heat to make up for the late Spring?! We don't have the cold winter weather where I live here in Calif. but the Summer's are cool so ripe tomatoes don't arrive 'til August even if we plant our starts by May 1! I bought a grafted Brandywine start this weekend, it's suppose to be more productive! We'll see! I bought it from a place here in Santa Cruz called Love Apple Farms They have a great website=
    check it out, cheers, Claire W.

  2. You would think it means we have a nice long hot summer, but that isn't always the case. Hoping for that this year though. Good luck with the brandywine!!


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