Lazy bones

Things I should be doing today
Washing dishes
Cleaning Kitchen
Cleaning Bathroom
Finishing up Mug Rugs
Cleaning craft room

Things I am doing
Reading blogs
posting on my blog
playing games on facebook
looking up new projects to make
Redesigning my blog


Okay its is in writing now ..... that means I have to get those things
*****I was able to cross a few things off my list even though I got distracted 
and started redesigning my*****

I hope everyone else is having a much more productive day!!


  1. I was good and got my 'do-do' list done early in the morning - so I could do all those playthings.

  2. This is funny. My to do list is (was) the same as yours. What I did is the exactly what you did. I`ll bet we are not alone! haha!

  3. Oh, me too! This is the laziest weekend I have had in almost forever! The house sold on Friday and I have just come to a screetching halt.


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