Seeding update 4

For the most part I am happy to say that my seedlings are doing well.

My leeks and pickling onions are doing quite well.

My artichokes are coming along one is just starting its second leaves and the others are just starting to sprout. A little strange I know, but at least they are doing something.
My peppers are a bit of a disappointment. The Yellow Hungarian wax peppers and jalapeno are doing great. However the cayenne and habenaro haven’t sprouted yet. I am thinking that means they are duds, but I am willing to give them one more week...maybe (they are in the spots where nothing is growing in this pic)

The cabbages are doing well as well. They are just about all up and are now under the lights in the basement. In this tray I also have a few squash/melons and the melons just came up today.

The Brussels sprouts need a little help and the eggplants are finally coming up.

My tomatoes are taking their sweet time. The tray of mixed tomatoes and herbs is yet to sprout

The second trays of Roma’s have their first sprouts this morning

My flowers are starting to come up as well

Here are the Dahlia’s 

which are leaps and bounds above the asylum and marigolds

The Chamomile and lavender are coming up too in this blurry pic

I am really hoping that my peppers come up soon otherwise I am very happy with the way everything is going. My only other complaint would be that is that I am really having troubles keeping the seedlings under the lights moist. I am not watering differently this year, just bone dry every morning when I go down to water. Oh well they are alive so that is all that matters!

Have a great day


  1. Peppers are always pokey slow. I tried soaking the seed this year to see if that will help beat their average 2 week germination time.
    You're seedlings all look good. Dahlia from seed? You are a brave one!

  2. It looks like you have a lot started now. I've got my first wave planted outside, but the second wave is still small. But in a week they ought to be plantable. I don't let them get very big.

  3. really have a jump start on your plants. I always have trouble starting from seed. I'm only successful with lettuce, peppers and tomatoes.

  4. These look like they're going well. Here's hoping the snow clears out in time to plant them all


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