Kitty moving day and more

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter! It went came too quickly this year and went by too fast! Nonetheless, it is always nice to spend time with family and celebrate the season.

On Saturday Mr. P and I decided that we finally had enough of the cats ruling our garage. Over the winter they have really started wrecking the Jeep by crawling all over it. Nothing we do keeps the little buggers off and now the little kitty has learned to jump up too so enough was enough and we moved them out to the back chicken coop. It wasn’t a hard  job, Mr.P just had to put in a new kitty door and we moved their belongings over there....which make us think why the bleep didn’t we do that 5 years ago.

Oh well it’s done now. They still don’t totally get that they live over their now and keep trying to go in the old kitty door, which is now locked. On Saturday night we had to take them all back there when it was our bedtime and lock them in so they didn’t freeze. Last night we figured they should know where to go and left them to find their own way. Everyone was alive this morning and the litter boxes were well used so I think they got
Here is their new home the coop on the right. Can you find the little kitty door

I am still planting a few seeds here and there. I planted 40 stone head cabbage and 12 Gonzales spring cabbages. I plan on planting my tomatoes today. This will be my first time starting tomatoes from seed. I have enough time that come the end of May if they are not shaping up to be much I will just buy from the greenhouse.

With the help of Mr. P I also got one of my grow lights up and going. I have my Artichokes/peppers/leeks and onions here. The onions/leeks are all up, however the peppers are spotty at best as are the artichokes.

I have really neglected my sewing this month. I got my bee blocks done for myself at the start and then the sewing machine just collected dust after that.  Although it means I was not so productive it really brings home why I wanted to only do one bee this year. I actually got some scrap booking done!! I am just doing Christmas Pictures from 2005-2013, but I am already at 2008 so that is pretty good. Also I now know that if I wasn’t in at least one bee I think that the sewing machine would get neglected more than it has this month. So all in all a good month it proved that I am right....LOL


  1. It sounds like you're gearing up for spring! I can't even begin to imagine snow right now. I have been picking loquats from my trees. (They bloom through the winter and the fruit is ready in the spring. It is a tropical tree.) I hope you have some sunny weather really soon!

  2. This cracked me up. Can I assume that the chicken coop is chicken-less or do the chooks not mind sharing?
    Enjoy your snowy spring. And good luck with the seedlings. I've decided to give it a miss this year. The cold snap is supposed to last until the end of April. By the time it's safe to plant stuff, there'll not be enough time for them to mature. I might ficus on an over winter crop instead


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