Seedlings update 6

I usually try to have the whole garden in by the 20-25th of May(didn't happen till after June 1st last year), but judging by the fact that there is still about 3 feet of snow on the garden. I don’t see that happening!! They are calling for temps to be around 10C tomorrow and reaching 13C by the weekend so that should help get rid of the snow. However, it may take a month for the garden to dry out!

Yesterday I started doing some transplants. The squash and pumpkins were starting to get a bit gig for their own good so I started with them. I then moved onto the cabbages. I thinned out the cells to one plant each and moved the rest (if healthy) to other containers. After that I pushed the ones left in the cells down and gave them some new soil. 

Don’t they look happy!

I then moved onto my peppers and artichokes. The peppers were all nice and happy 

I am very happy to report that the cayenne and Habanero peppers are finally starting to appear!! 

I forgot to take a pic of the pepper in their new homes...because I was trying to carry 3 trays in one arm while opening the door and dropped them all on the floor. After I got everything sorted out again I totally forgot!!

Once again on a whole I am happy with the way everything is going. Nothing has died yet!! knock on wood!
I am a little unhappy at the slow progress of my tomato’s, flowers and Gonzales cabbages. I think they need more heat. Tomorrow I am going to put up a new light and see if that will help! I also gave everything a little "food" so I hope that helps too!

Have a great day!!


  1. They're all looking great. Here's hoping the weather cooperates in time for planting

  2. Your seedlings are doing great. Hard to imagine planting time will be here soon. Our planting date is usually around June 4-7. We're still getting snow, but it doesn't last, thankfully. I think seed-starting was invented to help those of us with SHORT growing times-helps keep our sanity-LOL!

    1. That is so true!! I am usually a little late in planting for various reasons, but Now with the snow and cool weather I will just be happy to get the garden in before JULY!!!!!

  3. I hope you get all that snow melted and everything dried out in time. I couldn't imagine trying to plant everything at once. At least in my climate we have spring. So I can plant spring things in spring and then I get to wait until almost summer for the hot weather plants. It is easier to plant a little at a time.

  4. Oh, how I am missing the smell of the soil! Thanks for sharing with us. We, too, are still under piles of snow.


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