Spring has sprung?

Well kind of is the only answer that seems to really work for that question. It is hard to believe that it is April 26th and there is still snow outside and not just a little snow...A LOT.

Here are a few pictures of the yard
The driveway is finally drying out. The snow piles that use to be 7feet tall are now about 4 feet tall

Still quite a bit of snow in the front yard. Some piles are still over 6 feet tall.

All the snow still on my garden
The fire pit is starting to show the rest of the snow is still up to the fence which is 4 feet high.

However there are some signs of spring

My tulips are starting to appear as are the lily of the valley.

The tom cats are out seeking our female Bast which is always a sure sign spring is here. This usually happens in February and she has a litter by Easter. So nature on a whole is a few months behind!!

Zada and I have had fun chasing all the new cats in the yard. She isn't quick enough to catch them but she sure tries hard and its good exercise for her and entertainment for me. However she isn't always on guard. 

Here she is sleeping while Mr.Tuxedo(what i named him) is trying to look good for little kitty...lol This is after I caught her and the tom cuddling...silly dog! The stray Tom spent a good day trying to mate with little kitty....who happens to be male...

As I said in yesterday’s post the weather is suppose to be warming up this week-end. This has been the coldest April in decades and has left the whole province in a foul mood. All we can hope for now is that once it all melts it dries up quickly and that we have a nice long summer!!!

Have a great day!!


  1. I hate when the weather is off. I much prefer "normal" years. So far it has been a pretty normal year for us. Spring came a little late, but not too much.

  2. We are finally warming which has made the trees open up a little - it still is cold at night.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of snow still hanging around. Maybe Mr P needs to clear your garden like he did the driveway and around the house so it can start getting warmed up for veg planting :)

  4. gosh makes me shiver just to see your snow photos! When did you get that cute signature at the end of your blog? I don't think I noticed it before....it is lovely!


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