Border Feedback needed

Yesterday I sewed all the blocks together...and i LOVE IT. 

However, now I am thinking that it might be too small to leave the borders off  like I had planed. It's destined to be a lap quilt, but it goes from my hips to my ankles or from my shoulders to my as I said a little small

Before I decided that I wasn't going to but on borders I went out in the snow storm on Saturday and bought fabric. The blue is option one and the grey/white was option two. Once I layed them all out together I thought...NO BORDERS needed.....but now...hmmmm

I guess the other option would be to make another three blocks....once again...hmmmm

Like I said I love it as is. I plan on using a nice blue for the binding and then it will be perfect..........but

Help me make my mind up!!


  1. I have a lap quilt about that size, and I think it's just right. I love your colorful blocks. Sometimes when I think a quilt needs borders (or whatever) and I don't want to add them, it's because I'm tired of working on it. Maybe give it a rest for a day or two and see what you think. Start something new in the meantime!

  2. I agree with Barb - set it aside to rest and then pull it back out with a fresh look.

  3. Oh, boy...i'd make another 3 blocks if you think it's too short because you'll be dissatisfied when it's finished...because it'll still be too short!

  4. And if you made 3 more blocks, you wouldn t need could make a magic binding with the blue in the inside instead! That would look so cool!

  5. It looks wonderful! Great choices on the block additions. I know you'll make a great decision on either adding a border or adding more blocks. :)

  6. I'd say borders, even if they're thin. Or 6 more blocks to make it 4x5. But that's just me not sure about the longer skinnier dimensions. And yes I meant 8, but blogger on my ipad doesn't let me fix text unless I erase back to it


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