Seedling report

As you may recall I started my seedlings on the 8th of April and here they are 12 days later. 

Looking pretty good. It took Mr.P a little longer than I would have liked to get my light set up, but our pressure tank sprang a leak so he spent as good part of last week trying to fix it. I'm very proud that he did all the plumbing and electrical himself. :) However, it meant my seedlings got a bit
Butter nut are up, pumpkin are just starting and yellow wax peppers are still a no show

tomatoes, cabbage, watermelon, spaghetti squash and basil

The red cabbage are really slow. however like the yellow peppers on my 2013 chart shows they took 13 days to sprout so I am not too worried yet.

Now the wait to transplant....arg I hate waiting. As soon as they spout I want to transplant them to their big girl pots, but its still too early. Or is it. I always thought you had to wait until their true leaves appeared before you should pot them up, but I have another book that says as soon as they are over an inch tall you can transplant them. I think I will be transplanting them this week either

In other garden news the weather is really starting to warm up. No where near planting quite yet as our last frost date is usually the middle of May. But its getting close. It's hard seeing some of the gardeners online planting already! We are still hitting below zero at night. My grandmother always had her garden planted the 1st week-end in May. If things keep up here I might try and do that

Happy Sprouting!


  1. I love your garden posts! I looks like you have a great beginning to a fabulous garden.

    Weird to me that you're still seeing temps so low. It's already blazing hot here (yes, I'm complaining about it!).

  2. Makes me sigh and say "maybe next year". I still want your big gardens :)


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