So yeah this happened

Starting last Wednesday Environment Canada was predicting snowfall for our area of Saskatchewan. It's April so it was not totally out of left field to hear about snow in the forecast. "They" were calling for 15-24cm of the gnarly white stuff, but no one really believed it would happen. Saturday started off a cool one. When i dropped Mr.P off to work arround 9am it was drizzling and half way back home the rain turned into ice pellets. Somewhere around 11am the snow started and it was still going strong at 12am sunday morning

This is the view from Lil Pickles room at 5pm

This is 7pm


by this time Zada could hardly get down the steps and  had to drag her belly as she jumped in the snow.

And this morning. The only damage was our gazebo went from an outie to and innie. In other words it's broken. The top of one of the evergreens might have snapped too, but neither of us can remember if it was like that before or not. Mr.P had put the snow blowers away a few weeks ago so he had to go through some pretty deep snow at spots to get to the back garage to get them. It melted a bit during the day but  not much.

So the garden is under a good 2 feet of snow again. It is suppose to be 10C Monday, and 20C on Tuesday so it should all melt. "They" are calling for 32cm of rain on Thursday..WOW so now we are on flood watch in our basement. Going to have the sump pump ready to go
 just incase.

Have a great day


  1. Mother Nature is in such a fickeled state right now. Stay safe

  2. Yup, those April snowstorms are Mother Natures way of telling you that she is still firmly in control! It seems we usually have a snowstorm in April as well (at least we have for the last couple of years when I have actually paid attention to that) but usually only an inch or so. Good luck with the melt!

  3. Ack! Poor you!! (though it's not out of the question here even in May)
    Well, you need to think of it as "free fertizlizer". That's what I've been told. Loaded with nutrients.
    Hope it melts fast for you!

  4. it has been crazy, hasn't it! But looking sunny and warmer for this week. Hope you dont have any flooding!

  5. That's a lot of snow. Cool for me, but I don't have to live with it. Hope the sun and warmth gets there soon


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