Garden at a glance

Okay first off I am going to warn you there isn't much to look at. If you like to look at open spaces of dirt then this will be your thing. If not then well it still might be fun to look

The snow is all gone and both gardens are well on their way to being dry

 i thought I was closer when I took this picture...but the large dirt stain..that's the garden

This was the view of the back garden from my bedroom a few weeks ago. Google backed it up and made it look at pretty so i thought i would share it. The grass had greened up a bit since then and the trees are budding as you can see in the 1st pic

This beauty below is going to be my new patio garden...eek! I saw a few a Mr.P work and asked about them. He never knew what I was talking about until I saw a big ole pile of rotten ones and asked if he could save me a new one. It took 6 months for him to remember, but this little beauty made its way to be last week. I plan on cleaning it up and staining it. It destined to be either my greens garden (spinach/lettuce) or herbs, or strawberries, or maybe just I have a few weeks to decided

Have a great day


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the wooden box! I think Mr. P should bring you home 3 more so you can implement all your ideas - they're all good ones!


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