I must say I really have an itchin’ to start planting some seeds for the garden. 

However right now the garden looks like this 

Which makes me look like this.
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Our last spring frost date usually being around the 21st of May. So it is really too early to start most of my seeds now. "They" are also calling for a very wet spring which may push that date into June...maybe...maybe not

However,with that said there are a few that can be planted today.

I have my seeds already to my lovely seed keeper shoe box..LOL

As long as everything works out I should be able to get these planted today. However as I type this I recall that all of my seed starting stuff is out in the back garage and the 3 foot snow drifts might be in the way....hmm off to search the basement to see what I have on hand until Mr.P gets home and i force him out into the snow for me :P

Have a great day


  1. That`s a bunch of snow! I know you will have a beautiful garden. I envy you!

  2. I always end up leaving stuff I need for seed starting somewhere where it's difficult to get to too!

    I'm sure Mr. P will get your stuff for you! Happy Garden planning!

  3. I understand and feel your pain :( We just heard today that the runoff and ensuing water "issues" are going to be very bad this spring. Wonder how the masterminds figured that out, let me think...could it have something to do with the 3-4 foot drifts on the roof of our shop?

  4. Ack! That's a lot of snow. We are wet and mossy here. Have fun planting!

  5. Wow - and I thought it was cold here! I'm going to stop moaning about the odd frost!

  6. Right now we are having a heat wave (in the 50s). It really makes me want to get outside.

  7. I understand completely. And this reminds me I should start thinking about sowing seeds despite the cold snap that arrived at the weekend

  8. I'm not envious of your snow. We missed a blizzard last week. I'm hoping that winter is over and spring arrives next week as planned.


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