St.Paddy's Day adventure

As you all know we have been getting quite a lot of snow out here.  Mr. Pickles decided that although spring is suppose to be coming next week the 7 day forecast was showing horribly cold days and more snow. 

We have been putting off clearing the snow from our roof as it’s never really been a problem before, however this year it was starting to look bad and we were hearing a lot of creaking. So today Mr.P got out the ladder to see how bad it really was up there. I am so glad he did. At some places the snow was to his hips and considering he is 5’10” that is a lot of snow.

Mr.P trying to get onto the roof! So much snow that he had to clear a little path so he could climb up. 

You can see how deep it is...yikes!

The snow on the porch was reaching some pretty god heights too! 

 Its kind of hard to see in this pic but there is now a huge pile of snow on the ground that was on the roof. A good 3ft worth!

Most of the snow was hard packed and icy which made for hard work. It was also -20C and snowing which didn’t make things any better.

After he got the back of the house done I told him that I thought it was enough since it was a lot of hard work. Mr.P wanted to atleast get the porch done since he didn't want ot have to get back up Good thinking.....however in some not so good thinking He thought he could jump off the roof and land in the snow bank but I told him he was an idiot and would break his he didn’t do 

The front of the house still has a great deal of snow on it but it faces east so it has a better chance of melting.

Soo all in all quite the interesting day. I just stood there freezing and complaining most the time, but at least I did something, right?


  1. I hope you start getting some warmer weather soon. That is a lot of snow.

  2. You need a roof shovel, if our winters keep on like this, picked ours up a couple of weeks ago from Home Hardware for $50.00. Beats breaking your neck taking a header off the roof!

  3. Mrs Pickles as I have said before you can keep that snow but I do hope things warm up for you soon. Good thing talking mr pickles out of jumping off the roof -- silly men -- that sounds like something my hubbs would think of except he wouldn't tell me before he did it.

  4. OMGoodness....that is a lot of snow!!!

  5. Wow, that's a lot of snow. Glad you convinced him not to jump :)

  6. Whoa, that’s a lot of snow! Mr. P did a great job to lighten it up though. Working on the roof is dangerous when it’s snowing, so always practice caution. I’m pretty sure that you’ll go back there any time soon. Let’s hope that there are no leaks or other problems hiding underneath that thick layer of snow.

    Chantay Smithingell

    1. sure was a lot of snow, however it is all gone now and we have a nice dry roof


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