A little more preserving

We had an Abundance of cherry tomatoes this year. We ate as much fresh as we could before getting sick of them. (Like that is possible..lol) and the rest I decided to dry to use in salads and what have ya. They are even more addictive when dried and I ate so many I think the baby might come out with orange hair.,,,,lol

All sliced in half seasoned with salt and olive oil

8 pounds of tomatoes turned into this one jar dried...lol sad but yummy


  1. I roasted my first batch of cherry tomatoes last year (same reason - there were just SO many!) and it was a revelation. When the tomatoes were cooling, I couldn't help but take a few every time I walked past. I think I ate half the tray that first time! Roasted cherry tomatoes are definitely on the "must do" list each year from now on.

  2. Those look fabulous. I just toss mine in the freezer. Good for soups only.


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