Quilt show

Every two years the Saskatoon Quilt Guild holds a quilt show. My mother an I have attend two and were ever so excited to attend last Friday. I had saved up some money and was prepared to hit the market after we saw the quilts and I'll be honest I was pretty excited about spending my money...lol

Mr.P ended up being out of town so we had to take lil pickle with us. She was a trooper and even picked out a few of her favourites too. However, I felt a little let down by the show. Most of the quilts were okay, but not the show stoppers like the first two times we went. Maybe that has something to do with having more quilting experience or this year just wasn't our cup of tea. I didn't take any pictures of the winning quilts because I preferred others more and I don't want to insult anyone's hard work cause my cup of tea or not the work that goes into all the quilts in the show is still amazing!!
here are two of my favourites from the event

Labyrinth walk made by Aileen Handyside
I loved that it actually made you think you could go up and drop a ball into the maze

This quilt caught my eye right away since this pattern is on my to do list. Loved the colours too
Counting start made by Heather Acton and quilted by Lisa Hancheroff

And now is the part where I would normally show you All the goodies I bought, however, both my mother and I went home empty handed. We even went through the stalls twice. There were some good deals on FQ's but I have enough at home waiting to be used so we didn't look. I wanted to get a kit for crib quilt for the new baby. However kits in general were slim pickings. I did find one...$200 for a crib quilt....not including batting and backing!! Even my favourite shop from out of province only brought their ugly fabric...lol on a whole the prices were crazy and the selection slim. 

So we left the show disappointed and I'll be honest I don't think we will go when it's back in 2017


  1. $ to spend and nothing to spend it on :(
    hows the new pickle brewing? Are we going to try to find out what it is...I know after Lil Pickle that me be a touchy subject!! Thinking about you and wishing you well!!

  2. Gorgeous ...that first one is so neat. I'm going to be hand quilting one very similar

  3. Love the star quilt, it is beautiful.

  4. I find that the quilts I think should win prizes, don't win prizes! I've also found that in order to stay inspired, it's best to skip a few of the local quilt shows before going again. Everything starts to look the same if I don't.

  5. That labyrinth quilt is beautiful. Can't wait to see your star quilt!

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