Hello March!

Wow where did February go!! I know I say this every month, but time sure does fly!

As I whined about on Wednesday I didn’t get as much done this month as I thought I would. I guess the flu took a good 15 days from me and then we had to go out of province for a doctor’s appointment which took another 3 days away. However, I am really quite good at beating myself up so I feel like a failure...oh boy!

Since today is March 1st I have switched over to a green background and thought I would share some of my greenery to start the month off right!

Last year I posted about some of my house plants and told you all that I am a bit of a habitual plant killer. I can grow just about anything in the garden where the rain helps me out. However, indoor plants and my lack of remembering to water them never seem to work out.

Well surprise surprise everything I showed you last year is still alive!

I still don’t have clues as to what most of them are. The tall one on the table is a bamboo that I know for sure, they rest...Who knows? I also inherited 3 new plants from my parents while they were living with us. They haven’t died yet so that is good too!

 Let's hope the ole saying in like a lion out like a lamb does not apply to March this year. I think in like a lamb out like a lamb would be fine with me!!


  1. Alive is good! The plants look happy at your window. Nice work!

  2. I do that too! Recently I've killed an orchid and I forget the name of the other. Suffice to say, they were both plants that don't need to be watered often. And last night I noticed my basil was all wilted and stone dry. Luckily, it usually bounces back after a big drink :)


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