Use it or lose it 19/03/13

I will admit I haven’t been that great at using my preserved/frozen garden good in the last couple of weeks. However I still ended up using more than I thought I would which is always a great thing.

I have found that since I started doing this I am really watching what we throw out.  Since there is just the two of us and Mr.P doesn’t like leftovers I have found that just cutting back a bit on our meal size helps reducing waste. I know that is a no brainer and I do follow that when it comes to meat, but when it comes to pasta/rice I always make way too much.  I have also been making an effort to eat the leftovers myself which only makes sense!!

Used it
2 jars of canned sour cherries used to make cherries Jubilee
3 jars of pickles 1 fridge pickles, 1 dill slices, 1 dill pickle
6 potatoes
4 onions

I only remembered to take pictures of two sides this week. A spinach/apple/pecan salad ( I usually forget to use the fresh spinach and it gets tossed, but not this time....fingers crossed!)

Garlic pasta. It was my first time making this. I was trying for the Lipton garlic shells packages that you can buy. I used to eat a lot of those when I was living on my own. This was pretty close, just missing all the bad stuff that makes it taste so good!!

If you are thinking whoa that is a lot of pasta well it was I was eating it for the next 3 days...LOL

Chucked it
Saturday is our garbage pickup day in the hamlet so Friday night is bin night if I remember. Garbage taking out duty is Mr.P since it has to be out by 9:30am and sometimes he forgets to check the fridge. I know you  say leave it out Friday night, but then the stupid cats get into it and there is garbage everywhere so we done. But long story short I didn’t have to chuck one thing from the fridge. I say that is pretty darn good!


  1. Love the little chicks! Good for you - cooking for one or two is always difficult. I'm not a fan of left-overs either, but hate the waste.

  2. you did better than me this week. We tossed a pack of lunch meat and 2 chicken breasts. we defrosted some chicken in the fridge 2 weeks ago and because it got pushed back and we were out of town it went bad -- not a smell i want to remember any time soon. I gotta learn to make less pasta myself but that does make for an easy lunch option when running out the door and keeps me from eating out as much. I used this week -- 2 lbs ground beef, beef roast, head of cabbage and some bread that was doing stale.


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