There has been so much talk of spring today that I think I am about ready to yell 

Hello Spring where are you!! 

In fact I did just that when I went outside to feed the cats and let Zada run around. I know it is March in Saskatchewan and -9C is a pretty nice day for us, but I want spring to come.

 Its about this time of year when the you really notice the days getting longer. No more sunrise after 9 and unset before 5. It is such a nice feeling to still have day light at 7! Another sign that spring is on its way is the SUN! Now its not hot enough to do much, but it is out and shining! The days are so much nicer when the sun it out!

However, we do have a lot and I mean A LOT of snow so I don’t want spring to come all at once since we don’t need a wet basement. That happened to us back in 2007 and I do not what that to happen again!!!

 I wouldn’t complain about a nice slow thaw though...LOL

Just one little pic for today
Usually Mr. P clears the snow around the house. That little ridge  you see is just about 3 feet off the ground. Once he clears the snow this week it should be 3feet

Have a great day


  1. Go outside and make a snow family. Or a snow zoo. You get to enjoy the snow, and help slow down the thaw even uf it comes quickly :)

  2. Oh, wish we were seeing some sunshine, grey and windy for the last several days and days to come. Maybe next week?

  3. I'm sorry you still have so much snow, and happy that I don't! Here's hoping spring comes to you soon.

  4. Spring will come to you. This week for us is cloudy, rainy, snowy, sleety. Yuck! But things are melting here. Slowly but surely. And you are right. Slow melting is best. This house doesn't seem to have trouble with water, but you never know.

  5. Snow are slowly melting here. I just love to welcome spring season in our place. I'd seen a little signs of it.

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