My perilous journey East

Okay maybe that is over selling it a bit but keep reading to see what happened
As I mentioned yesterday I really want to get a few my seedlings for the garden started this week. Trouble is all my seeding supplies are in the back garage. Last night Mr.P got home too late from work and then having to do chores at the farm for me not to feel too guilty to make him trod back there and get them. So this afternoon Zada and I decided to make the journey east on our own.

We began our journey by scoping out the area and planning the quickest route to that back garage on in the left of this picture

Zada sniffed around and thought this was the best place to start

I took the first step and was up to my knees already and this was the low spot so I told her we would need to find a better way

There are no pictures of the next part as I was sinking so fast I didn't have time to stop and use the camera!

I decided to go straight back to the chicken coop and then to the left in hopes that the snow was shallower near the coops. I told Zada to stay as the snow would be well over her head and made the trek alone. It was pretty easy going as the snow was fluffy and easy to break though. However being sick, overweight and out of shape after about 5 giant steps I was getting winded. I didn’t want to stop so I kept on having to step up to the height of my knees to take a step until I reached the coop. Once I reached there the snow was hard and full of ice.Being winded and dizzy I thought it best to turn back. However as I tuned around I saw Zada had followed me and by me stopping she was sinking fast and was struggling to breath. She is 63lbs and too heavy for me to carry back though the snow so I sucked it up and pushed on through the snow.

Finally we reached the garage and I yelled out for the rats and mice to hide as I pushed open the door. My trusty sidekick went barreling in and scoped out the place before I dared to enter. Luckily it was just the two of us in there and I found my supplies just where I left them.

Now the journey back! I told my sidekick to go on at her own risk and she did the little bugger just took off running 

Didn't even look back to see if I was

Playing in snow back at the house while I am still outside the garage door

I thought the journey back would be a bit better and it was but I kept sinking and then losing my grip on the supplies . Here is the supplies resting on the snow bank and I catch my breath

A look back at the journey I just made and having to go back to pick up the stuff that fell..more than once

 But I did it!! Here is where we started from...phew next year make sure everything is downstairs!!


  1. Oh, my. You do have a lot of snow! What if you had fallen and couldn't get back to shelter? You could have frozen to death :-( Next time, you make sure Mr. P. is there to rescue you. Granny said!

  2. OMG, I haven't seen that much snow since I was a kid! Is that a car I see covered in snow? You are definitely a dedicated gardener! I am a real wus-my bird feeder is 10 feet from the driveway, and I ask hubby to use the snow blower to clear me a path. LOL
    Glad you made it back to safety!

  3. Haha! Gotta love our Saskatchewan winters!

    .......and why do we live here again??

  4. You did it! Congrats on not stopping and turning around. That is the first step in changing things in your life.

  5. Ooh, look at all that snow! Love it! But I can magine it is very hard walking through. Probably a lot like walking through bogs - very tiring. Have you thought of getting snow shoes? Would they help?


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