Use it or Lose it 05/03/2013

This past week I wasn’t my ole kitchen goddess self (LOL) and really didn’t have much for original ideas or planed meals. Guess what though....I am okay with that...LOL However, it also means that I didn’t use a great deal of product from the cold room/freezer. I did however use a bit more from the pantry which is always a good thing.

As you may recall I am doing this to try and use up as much as I can from my 2012 harvest as well as from the beef we butchered in December 2012. In addition to this I am trying not to be as wasteful with the store bought products we use.

This week from my stored garden products and our home grown beef I used:  1pound of ground beef, 2 onions, ½ jar of sliced pickles, 1- 3lbs x-rib roast
The ground beef was used to make tacos on Monday and the cross rib roast was for Sunday’s supper
The onions were used on pizza for Wednesday’s meal and as caramelized onions on Sunday
The pickles accompanied our appetizers on Sunday which consisted of a Swiss cured meat and cheese platter.
The carrots were for Sunday’s supper as well

From the pantry I used 10 cups of organic flour, 3 cups of oats, sunflowers, dried cherries, chocolate chips, bran, and wheat germ.
The majority of the flour was used to make Bread. One loaf accompanied grilled peppers in oil and vinegar for Sunday’s appies. The other 2 loaves pictured below were frozen 

The rest of the flour was used to make noodles for Sunday’s supper. This was all that was left. They were so yummy. It was my first time making noodles from scratch and they were GREAT!

The remainder of the pantry items mentioned above were used to make granola bars. I forgot how much we enjoy eating these...2 days later and this is all that is left!!

Lost items this week


  1. You are so good! I am new to even the idea of gardening, let along keeping track of what I grow and can. We are planning to start very simple with blueberries and strawberries and maybe some cukes and carrots, but I doubt there will be enough of anything to keep track of it all - plus I am not known for having a green thumb - quite the opposite really!

  2. I've been having one of those sorts of weeks too. Sounds like good eats though. And you've reminded me that I've had the ingredients set out to make some bars myself for the past two weeks now...

  3. I haven't been using my stores up fast enough. I really have to get to it. Right now I have a cold and just don't feel much like cooking though. It is hard to get motivated, but I finally cooked something tonight.


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