Seedlings part 2

On Tuesday I was able to plant a few more seeds. My leeks, green onions, pickling onions, eggplants and Brussels sprouts are now ready to go. I haven’t had any luck with any of these in the past, but I am hoping that starting them early this year is going to make all the difference.

Although I already had my garden plan all written up I was second guessing myself and worrying about weeds getting out of hand again this year. So I was checking up on some mulch tips on when I saw their garden planner. It was free for 30 days so I figured why the heck not. 

I have really found it useful in showing me exactly what I should get into my 10ft beds.  For example last year I planted 100 onions and that took up the entire 10ft space. However according to this garden planner It should only take up a ¼ of the space. So there ya go. I always leave extra room between the rows so I can get in there with the mini tiller. In my mind leaving the “proper: small amount of space is going to make weeding too hard. When in reality planting thing closer together should keep the weeds out. I am also going to try putting down news paper and topping it with grass clippings. However, we have a lot of dandelions in our grass and we don’t spray them so I am a bit worried about their seeds making it into the garden with the clippings. Something to think about I guess!


  1. I used to use grass clippings in my compost piles. But the crab grass seeds just germinated in the garden. So now no grass once they start to go to seed. I'd rather not be picking out those weeds. I get enough weeds with things I do let go to seed in the garden (like dill).


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