Bye Bye Reader

Well it looks like Google Reader is going Bye Bye in a couple of I am getting ahead of the game and making the switch to Bloglovin now. Just in the process of setting everything hopefully you are all still there on the other side!!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

***** UPDATE****

I sent all my rss feed to bloglovin it took no more than 5 mins. So now when GR goes away I will still be able to read all the blogs I follow!

Here are some more info:

To my knowledge the Google Friend Connect option is still going to stay around. So if this is the way you follow blogs that still works.However, if you read the blogs you follow via Google Reader that is where you are going to need to make a change.

If you click the link above and are a member of bloglovin then you will be able to read my blog on there.
(its free to sign up and you can sign up via e-mail account and not facebook or via FB if you want)

However, if you don't use a secondary app to read the blogs you follow...than no need to change anything. I hope this hasn't been too confusing!!


  1. I need to decide where I'm going too in the next few weeks. I'm not waiting to the end either. I'll follow you where ever you go.

  2. I went with feedly. The transition was "seamless" as they promised. All of my Google Reader info. transferred over and the entire process (including my fiddling with preferences) took less than an hour. I'm pleased so far.

  3. I tried to follow you with this new product but they wanted me to sign in with Facebook, or did I read that wrong? Facebook is already pestering me and if I sign up, it'll never end. Sorry...

  4. I'm trying out Bloglovin and Feedly to see which one I find the easiest to use. I've been using Feedly on my iphone for about a month and love it so far. I saw you "on the other side" in my Bloglovin so at least I know you're still there. :O)

  5. I started following you on bloglovin'--had to add google under (silent) protest! bloglovin' is so super easy to use. Glad to see you coming over!


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