Its starting

Here we are at the half way point in March and I am already complaining that this month is going by to I know I know I do that every month, but gesh things really need to start slowing down at bit.

On the 13th I got around to planting a few seeds. Not too many as I ran out of time and started second guessing that I was planting, but some is better than none! I plant 3 seeds into each cell so when it comes time to thinning them I can always transplant a few instead of scrapping them

So here it is... one little tray!

 4 cells of artichokes
4 cells of Hungarian wax peppers
8 cells of cayenne peppers
8 cells of jalapeno pepper
4 cells of big Jim’s large chilli peppers
4 cells of habanero peppers

I think I should be good for peppers this year. My plan is to make chili flakes, ground pepper and pickled peppers. I think this should give me enough, but if not then I will know better for next year.


  1. I always love to start the first seedlings. With me it is always onions.

  2. It's always so exciting when it's time to start the first plants of the season!

  3. Boy ;you really love peppers. I thought I grew quite a few but you sure have me beat. I grow a small semi-hot Turkish one that is just wonderful for pickling. I lived in Turkey eons age and got the first seeds and recipe from my landlord. Now I can order them from a seed catalog.
    Good luck with your garden and happy canning.

  4. Mmm, chillis. Looking forward to seeing what else you plant this year


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