Snow removal

It’s been a little bit of a slow blog week over here. I haven’t been up to too much unless you think cleaning the house is blog worthy material. If so you need help...LOL
The weather has been snowy and blowing which makes me cranky, but now I think we are due for some nice weather fingers crossed!! There is still so much darn snow out here and I am afraid that we will have a repeat of 2007 when our basement flooded really bad!!  My plan for the next few days is to try and get as much up and off the floor in the basement as possible. Better to be prepared than sorry!

Mr. Pickles did his part to help keep our basement dry this year. He brought his baby over from the farm to clear some snow around the house.
First he had to clear the front of the lane since it was getting hard to get into the yard.

Pushing some snow to widen the driveway and get it away from the house 

Scraping down the driveway. Had to go a good 2 feet down in some places before he hit gravel! 

Big ole snow pile in the front of the house now! 

all cleared away 

Snow cleared in the back. There was just so much snow he couldn't clear it all. So just tried to get as much away from the house as he could. 

He got pretty close to the house!! I am in my craft room watching him work while I 

Okay this last picture has nothing to do with our house. Just thought it these 3 cars in pastel colours kind of looked like Easter


  1. I hope you also have a sump pump and hose ready to turn on as well.

  2. Im in awe. That is a proper winter I mean spring snowing. :) I liked the easter cars as well.

    1. yeah it is hard to believe this is a spring photo!!!

  3. That looks like fun :)
    But, ok, I get how the flooding wouldn't be


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