Saturday, 30 July 2011

The fruits and veggies of my labours

I was busy last night making soup, Saskatoon Berry sundae toppings and jam...not in the same pot, but you get what I mean.

With the cabbage almost at their breaking point I figured I better start doing something with the one I picked or I was going to be out of refrigerator room in no time. Is it bad that I want or rather need another fridge to hold everything from the garden. Its too bad that you cannot freeze lettuce cause boy does it take up room and I don't have any room to spare as it

I decided to make up a big ole pot of cabbage soup. In the end I think it needed more cabbage not sure why I was so stingy with it considering the statement made above!

I am going to take the other half of the head to my parents along with some of that lettuce. I would have liked to use more fresh ingredients, but since nothing else is ready I had to make do with canned tomatoes and frozen carrots from last year.

I also made up some Saskatoon Berry Sundae Topping. Its basically a sweeter version of my pie filling, but who wants to put pie filling on a sundae! So I changed its name..sneaky sneaky I also added Swiss Kirsch to it so it should be even better!
I bought some freezer jam jars yesterday. I had heard some good things about it lately so I figured what the heck I've made just about everything else in the preserving book lets give that a try. It was really really easy. Almost too easy. Why haven't I tried doing this before!! I don't like jam, but I sampled a little bit and even I thought it was pretty darn good.
The only downsides were that when I went to put the lids on my jars I noticed that they were cracked!! Good thing I bought 2 packs of five or I would have been SOL!  And that it said there would be enough for 5 jars and I got 4 and and half.

On the downside this morning I noticed some wee little worms in the berries. I am pretty anal about checking the berries all individually for just that reason. The berries look perfect from the outside and then when I was mashing them up I noticed something white. So now I am worried that the worms are in all the Saskatoon Berry products I made this year :( I was ready to throw everything out, but the hubby and his mom both said not to. So now I am not sure what to do.


  1. I was canning pie cherries one year, and had pitted enough for a full canner of quarts. I had the cherries in the jars, and as I poured the hot syrup over them, the little worms came floating to the top. I ended up throwing them all away. So much work to pick and pit them, so much $$ out the window with all that sugar. I think I just sat down and cried!

  2. Annie's Granny. It's just heart breaking to do all the work for nothing. I cried too. I didn't notice any worms when I was making the other stuff so fingers crossed everything is okay. The hubby said its just protein and its cooked so he doesn't care...crazy farmer


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