Week 10

I know I say this every time I do a weekly update...but...I cannot believe how quickly summer is going. The nights are already cooling down to 10C or 50F and the days are in the mid 20's/70's which makes it a bit easier to work in the garden so there is always a plus side I guess. But it does not mean that I have  to like it!

Last week had a few firsts. First Kohlrabi,cabbage, and zucchini harvest of 2011. I had never grown Kohlrabi or cabbage before and I think both have been a success. Hats off to me..lol. I was able to show off my week 9 harvest on Daphne's Dandelions and that made me quite happy.

Enough about last week what about this week. Well since today is the first day of week 10 you would think that there is not much to talk about, however, there is a lot of things going on in the garden.

 There are 4 tiny zucchini that have just appeared over night and one big guy that I didn't notice before.He is coming in for lunch. The plant with the powdery mildew is full of blossoms and the "healthy" plant next to it is all leaves and no flowers. I usually have around 50 zucchini off of one plant so I cannot remember why I planted two. Well I do remember it went something like this. Me -okay one zucchini seed in the ground good enough. My mother -that doesn't seems like enough plant another one. Ha ha got to listen to your moms.
Zucchini Harvest-1.36lbs/557kg
Can you find all 5

 I was able to have my first pea harvest of the year. I didn't weigh them out since I just gobbled them up when I got into the house. There are quite a few that should be ready in the next day or so.

Little Marvel Peas

The carrots although spotty are beginning to baulk up. I usually only harvest them after the first frost  hopefully in October! So they have a lot of time to grow. The variety I am growing this year is tenderlong. I also have purple carrots 3 rows over.

My tomatoes are well I don't know how they are. I want to say okay but more yellow leaves have started to appear and there are on average 5 Roma tomatoes on each plant. Except for the one in the picture below. They all still have flowers on them so fingers crossed I get some more. I am tempted to take these ones in and let them ripen indoor. However, come September when I usually bring them in they are usually still green anyhow so not sure what to do.
Roma window box tomatoes and a weed

The cherry tomatoes are out of control in the foliage department. However, this morning I only counted 10 on one and 3 on the other. I never seem to have luck with cherry tomatoes.

2 hot 100 tomato plants

Everything else is going along at a steady pace and flowering away. Speaking of flowers my Zinnias are finally starting to bloom. I bought the seed at the dollar store for 25cents. Cannot complain about that.
Have a great day!


  1. The garden looks great! Now all you need is a little warmer temps and everything will just take off!

  2. Robin- Thank you :)


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