Seedlings update 5

It has been a whole month since I started to plant my seedlings and they are doing really good. Cayenne and Habanero peppers are still lagging behind and at 30 days I am thinking that they are not going to sprout. One Habanero started to sprout last week so maybe there is hope, but I am thinking I will have to start again.

All of my plants are now under the lights. We used our old kitchen table and Mr.P fabed up some light holders using clothing racks that my parents left behind when they moved out. Everything is growing so they must be doing their job.

Here are just a few pics. First up are my cabbages, melons, pumpkins, spaghetti and butternut squash.

And here are a few of the tomatoes.

Spring is still a long way off judging by all the snow still in the yard. I was hoping for a slow thaw this year due to the volume of snow we have, but this is getting a bit ridiculous!!! It is April 15th and its looks like February out there!!!

The April showers hop is still going on this week too! Take a look at the creative blogs below!


  1. We've had endless winter too, but I guess that's why seed starting was invented-LOL!
    They look great. You'll have some fine pickings in the garden come summer....

  2. I hope spring comes for you soon. It has finally come to us. I'll be planting out my main spring crop today or tomorrow.

  3. Wow! Your seedlings look great! I started mine last week. Most things have sprouted but my peppers haven't come up yet either...I figure if they don't sprout I will try and simply plant the seeds in the yard next month. I am jealous of your spaghetti squash! I couldn't find any seeds for that.

  4. You have a seedling powerhouse there. Spring has finally arrived here. Hope it shows up at your place soon


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