Guest Blogging over at Leona's Quilting Adventure


I have been following Leona's Blog  Leona's Quilting Adventure for a couple of years, since her blog is always full of inspiration. She recently became a member of my group Bee's Helping Bee's and asked if I would like to promote the group on her blog.

Of course I said yes!!

So head of over to Leona's Quilting Adventure and check out what I had to say


  1. What a great idea, helping each other out. I've been on the receiving end of people not following through with their commitment to share blocks, which is disappointing to say the least. And I really felt badly for the host of the challenge, who struggled through the whole thing. I think I should advertise your Flicker group, so others can get the help they need. And I'll sure be keeping it in mind for the future!


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