Weed Warfare and Week One Update

Well I must say I have had my head up my ****** for the past couple of weeks and it’s really starting to get in the way..lol

On the 20th I started some new meds that have really fried my brain and for some reason it has been hard to get my words together to create a post! I hope everything I write makes sense, if not sorry!!

It’s been a little over a week since the garden was officially all in. I have spent the past week on doing a little weed warfare. I have been doing this by putting down straw between the rows to help keep the weeds down. As soon as something comes up I try to weed the best I can around it and then get the straw down. It has been a lot of work, but I think it will pay off in the end. I am usually pretty good at weeding when the weather isn’t too hot, but as soon as it starts to sizzle I cannot handle the heat and have to stay in. This result in a lot of weed, however this should help a lot! Today it only took me 20mins to weed the whole garden!! Okay granted we haven’t had rain in over a week so there aren’t a lot of weeds, but still I am going with the straw being a success

 Okay here we have plot one. In this plot I have honeydew melons which I will be growing on trellises (to be put in soon) watermelon which will be planted this week and used for ground cover. Raspberries and Artichokes. Only 2 artichokes survived and the other two look weak.

Before the straw


Plot 2 is Norland Potatoes. They are just starting to come up now.


Plot 3 is a mixed plot of Carrots, white onions, red onions, bunching onions, leeks, pickling onions, green onions, Detroit red beets, Italian beets, golden beets, Easter egg radishes, spinach and lettuce.
The onions and leeks are all doing great. I was a little worried about the transplants, but they are thriving! Of the later veggies on the list only the radishes and spinach are up.

Plot 4 is a mixed plot of Peas, broad beans, green beans, soy beans and zucchini. In this group only the peas and green beans are up

Green Beans


Plot 5 is a mixed plot of cucumbers. I made a little mistake in planting them. I am going to be growing them on trellises again this year. I was supposed to plant the rows closer together, but planted them 1ft apart so instead of 2 trellises I am going to have to put in 4. Oh well lesson learned! The butternut squash and Brussels sprouts are also in this section

Plot 5 is my cabbage plot. It also includes broccoli, cauliflower, white and purple kohlrabi and pak choi.

Plot 6 is my tomato plot. I have 7 rows of tomatoes and 2 rows of Hungarian peppers.
Before (yes I have a lot of weeds in the the grass)


Plot 7 is my pepper plot which also included a few tomatoes and eggplant. I lost 1 pepper Everything else is doing great

Plot 8 was planted with flower seeds, nothing has come up yet!

The back garden is having a little trouble. It looks like the plants have frost damage, not sure what happened. However, I recall the same thing happening last year resulting in having to buy plants from the green house. We shall see how it goes.

So there you go a little tour to mark week one. Everything is doing great! I have to go out of province for the next two weeks for a medical procedure which means I have to leave the garden in the hands of Mr.P and my parents. I just hope that everything is still doing great when I get back!!


  1. Your garden is looking great. I still have to go out and put in my cukes and zukes, but I just don't have the motivation today. I did do a little though.

  2. Wow-impressive. You've been very very busy. It all looks great!

  3. Looks very nice. I am a huge fan of straw-mulching. :)

  4. I wish I had some straw. I love it in the garden, but Mr. Granny won't let me haul it in the new car ;-) Your garden looks so good for being under a snow bank just a short time ago!

  5. Your gardens always blow me away. I don't know if I'd ever be up to having ones that big.

  6. Your gardens look wonderful. I used to keep the weeds at bay as you have done this year. We are having record heat this year, so I decided against a garden. We haul water and I`d be running to the well everyday. Thanks for sharing your great pictures!

  7. Your garden is looking great. You've obviously been very busy


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