International food nights

Last year my parents, Mr. Pickles and I decided to start up an international food night dinner party.
What exactly is that you ask....well let me tell you.

International food nights is a idea that I came up with where you pick a letter of out a bag and whichever letter you pick that is going to be the first letter of the country that you have to cook food from. For example if you picked a C you could choose to China, Canada, Chile, Cambodia and the list goes on. You pick a day to host your dinner party and then prepare food from the country you choose as well as decorations and music. At the end of the meal the next couple picks a letter and then they host the next month.

Well with Mr. Pickles working 8am-11pm with no chance of getting an evening off...we were only able to manage 3 food nights in the past year.

The first was at my parents who picked an I and choose Italy. Let just say veal marsala is something none of us will ever try again....yucky!

The second dinner was at our place and we had pulled a G and choose Greece. We went all out with decorations and lots of food
two of the 4 appetizers we made for Greek night

The third dinner was back at my parents who had pulled a V and choose Vietnam. Not wanting to be outdone by our Greek night they too went all out with bamboo lamps, fancy plates and the food was pretty darn great too!

Our last dinner was in March and since then Mr. Pickles worked himself silly. However, now that the cows and quota are sold we are back in business for the international food nights. Now you would think that in the past year just about I would have finalized my menu and had everything ready to go....but that isn’t the case. I picked an E at the last party and tomorrow my parents will be coming over for an EGYPTIAN meal! Luckily I spent time in Jordan a few years back and Egyptian food is very close to that.

I won’t post exactly what we are having since my father sometimes reads my blog and I want it to be a surprise. However, it has the makings to be a very interesting meal! So I better get back to planning my meal...we went grocery shopping a few days ago and bought a lot of different things so I have a lot of choices! I also need to figure out how to decorate the house....

I’ll do a recap of the evening on Monday!! Wish me luck!!! And if you have any suggestions..let me know!


  1. The table is beautiful and those appetizers looks yummy. Have a great time.

  2. oh, best of luck with that! And I must say what a great idea to spice up an evening of 'faimly' (I put it in quotes because it could be a group of couples who choose to do this hhmmmm) dinners!!

  3. How exciting! My family loves all kinds of food and this would be such fun. Do you use all 26 letters??? By the way, Chicken Marsala is divine and I have a very simple recipe if you should want to try. It is one of our favorites. Have fun in Egypt!!!

  4. What a great idea! But good luck on the Egyptian. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
    As for decorating, sorry no ideas. Unless you want to answer the door dressed as Cleopatra :)

  5. That sounds like a great idea - IF you like cooking!

  6. A very cool idea!! I wish we had family or friends that would like to try something like this.

    Dressing up as Cleopatra would be so much fun.

    Happy New Year!!


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