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Last night Mr. Pickles and I went out for a lovely supper followed buy some Christmas shopping and the local craft fair which had 200 artisans and specialty food booth. It had been probably 4 years since I was last at this craft fair and nothing had The booths were set up exactly the same and most of them had the same people in that were there last time I was there.  Now if there would have been things I was interested in that would have been okay. However it was more of a oh that guy was here 4 years ago selling the exact same things and for more money than before. I know I am cheap, but if I like something then I will usually shell out the money. However, when they want 150 for a ceramic plate or 200 for a metal Christmas tree...that is just too crazy for

The grazing sections...I mean the specialty food section was insane. Everyone had to get their ditty little hands on free samples and be damned if you were trying to get by. It got to the point that we just had to plough through and if you were in our path you better I kept asking Mr. Pickles if he wanted to try anything since I thought this was the part he would enjoy, but he wasn’t interested in taking a sample from most of the grimy sample dishes.

We did however try a few things that looked more sanitary and where there were less people. We had some raw chocolate which was nice but very expensive 17 dollars for 150g. Homemade ice cream with sour cherry topping. The ice cream was okay, but Mr. P just liked the sour cherry topping. It was 9 dollars for 1cup and since I had canned 7 jars of sour cherry sundae topping I didn’t think it was a good We then tried some Saskatoon berry pie and cider from a local orchard. The pie was good, but for 12 a pie and a cold room full of pie filling I wasn’t opening my We did really like the cider and bought a $10 bottle a long with a tiny box of chocolates that the Mr. Wanted for 6 Across the aisle from the one orchard was another and we sampled a few of their ciders too. The Mr wanted to buy a whole case for $110, but we settled on one bottle of raspberry cider for 11.50

After the ride home and a little snack Mr. Pickles helped me put up some Christmas wall decorations. They are the sticky kind that you put up on the wall. The wall is a little too dark for them, but I thought they still look pretty nice. Maybe I will leave them up all year


  1. That's part of the benifit of growing and harvesting your own :o) There you can be picky and choosy of who's crappy wares you want to try or buy :o) Just go home and open your own cupboard :o)

  2. I would say things were rather expensive.

  3. Love your "sticky" wall. Wow, pricey show. You'd think 4 years later you'd see some new vendors.

  4. Love your Christmas wall decorations! Your husband sounds like mine.....he absolutely refuses to take samples for the same reason.

  5. wilderness-Yes they were very expensive. It is suppose to be a more high end craft fair i guess. I think i will stick to the smaller ones next year they tend to be a better bang for your buck

  6. I like your wall decor. Keeping up year round is a great idea!


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