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As you may recall my adventure in trying to find a bee or swap to join started about a week ago. I have had a few failed attempts at joining and found a few more that might be just too difficult for me to join. So I started thinking with the help of a few little bees’ buzzing around my inbox and my home...why don’t I just start my own. Now beeing a beeginner quilter and blogger I might be getting in WAY over my head...but what the heck I am going to jump in with both feet and see what happens.

 However, beefore I start anything I have a few questions. If you are interested in joining me in my first Bee/swap/sew along adventure send your answers to Saskriver at hotmail dot com. If there is enough interest I will start something up.

1.       Would you be interested in joining
a.       A swap (you make something say a table runner and gift it to your partner and you get one from someone else)
b.      A beginner block Bee (You don’t have to be a beginner, but the blocks would be easy “learning” blocks. You would send them off and get others in return)
c.       A beginner sew along linky party(I pick a block, post it on my blog and then you make your own and we pick a day where we all link up on the blocks we made)

2.       For a swap or beginner block bee would you be interested to have
a.       International
b.      North America only

3.       For the bee would you prefer
a.       Send your own fabric to bee members for them to make the blocks with
b.      Have the other bee members make the block with their own fabric, but with your colour choices
c.       Have the other bee members make the block with their own fabric and in whatever color they choose

Okay I think that is all that I can think of for now. If you are interested in joining me please send your answers to saskriver at hotmail dot com

Also make sure you go over to Josie’s blog if you are looking for another bee. She needs 6 more people before she has enough to do 2 groups.


  1. and you make sure you put me right at the top of your list! I am in for whatever is chosen! (although I would rather do an actual swap than a qulit along! I think that I am more motivated then!!)

  2. I'm in. I'm game for whatever you decide to do. I think it will be a lot of fun.

  3. This looks great. I will send the answers to you directly regarding now!


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