Yahoo its that time of the month again....CHRISTMAS QUILT A LONG TIME
Today's host is the lovely Hazel from Hazel Quilts
She has all kind of things in store for us today, but make sure you check her site first since I hear she has enforced a dress code! I hear it is fancy dress so I got a few hats ready to wear while I sew

There is a cowboy hat....maybe not dressy enough

Last night we had a risk of frost so maybe a winter hat....hmmm still not fancy enough though

How about this 1950's faux fur hat its warm and stylish...hmm that's a maybe

But wait I found the perfect one my sombrero...Now that will even dress up my pj'

Okay back to sewing

Where did I leave off last month....Oh yeah I was working on all those hst's 100 of them to be exact!
Well I ended up getting them all done by the end of the day. 

This week I worked on trimming them all up!!
I decided that I was going to sew a few blocks together each day instead of doing one whole block at a time. First i started on rows 1 and 3

The next day I started on row 2 but didn't take any pictures and today I am working on joing them all together to make my blocks.
This is where I am so far. 3 blocks done and the rest half way there.
I will be updating throughout the day.  Fingers crossed I will have my first layout picture by the end of the day!!


  1. Love the hats! Oh, that turquois is super! Happy sewing.

  2. LOL! I can picture you sitting at the sewing machine in your sombrero - love it!

    Love your blocks - you're going to have so much fun playing around with the layout!

  3. Silly Lady!! LOVE the hats ... :) The quilt is going to be beautiful! I do not envy you and the HST - I personally hate those! :) But, they make things so nice :)

  4. I love the hat you have chosen to wear.

    I can't believe how much progress you've made on your Festive Mystery. The colours are wonderful.


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