Harvest Monday 3/09/2012

Its harvest Monday and I am actually going to remember to post about it.

Let’s see what I have to show this week

First off let me show you this monster I found. It was 3kgs!!!! Now that is a big zucchini!!!

The zucchini total for the week was 7.241kg

Cucumbers are really coming in now and I have no idea what to do with them. I see more pickles in my futures
Cucumber total 15kg

The cauliflower have paid the price for me being a bad gardener this year
This one came in at 2.613kg
The cauliflower total was 4.101kg

The kohlrabi also got away from me. I don’t know what is wrong with me this year!
Total purple 2.191 total white 2.668

I have stayed on top of the broad beans and harvested 5.650kg

I pulled up the green beans. Their total was 2.273

Hungarian Wax Peppers are really starting to produce. I just picked a few today which came to .77g
The Roma’s are just starting to ripen. The cherry tomatoes are producing a few every day, however I just eat them as I see them...ooops
Tomato total 2.024kg

The Leeks are not that great put I pulled a couple Total .103g

I also pulled the last of the broccoli which totalled 1.364

Cabbage is done for the season too. Total 2.154kg

Weekly totals 45.539kg or 100lbs
Zucchini 7.241kg
Cucumbers 15kg
Roma Tomato 2.024kg
Cauliflower 4.101kg
Broad Beans 5.650kg
Purple Kohlrabi 2.191kg
White kohlrabi 2.668kg
Green beans 2.273kg
Hungarian Wax Peppers 77g
Leeks 103g
Broccoli 1.364kg
Cabbage 2.154kg

Grand total 115.764kg or 255lbs
Basil 2g
Radish 5.26 lbs or 2.537
Lettuce 4.4935kg
Spinach 2.172 kg
Early Girl TOMATO 629g
Chives 85g
Rhubarb 2.33kg
Cherries 4.5kg
Cabbage 18.07kg
Pak choi 155g
Zucchini 18.104kg
Cucumbers 21.489kg
Peas 1.740kg
Broccoli 2.964kg
Cauliflower 12.316kg
Broad Beans 6.320kg
Purple Kohlrabi 2.552kg
White kohlrabi 3.552kg
Green Bean 2.083kg
Golden beats 654g
Chioggia beets  93g
Detroit Beets 1.217
Yukon gold Potato 548g
Hungarian Wax Peppers 77g
Leeks 103g
Roma Tomato 2.024kg


  1. A lovely harvest, sometimes I dont' get out and harvest like I should either, but then sometimes I have a crazy crazy work schedule.

  2. What a great harvest!! 100 pounds wow! Sounds like you spent your free time this week canning and freezing like we did.

  3. Great harvest! Oh, the poor cauliflower....can't you cut off the bad parts and eat the rest?

  4. Nice harvests! Love the broad beans. Never tried growing them.

  5. Oh no---poor cauliflower!
    It's hard to keep up with it sometimes. You've had a nice harvest.

  6. Nice harvest Mrs.P! All of us gardeners get too busy or too tired at times and don't get to everything.

  7. I swore to myself that I would never let my garlic chives flower (they really reseed a lot and are hard to weed out). So this year of course I have a beautiful spray of garlic chive flowers in the garden. I ought to have picked them as scapes so I could eat them, but not one got inside for that. Something always gets away from me.

  8. Random- you should try them they are very good!

    Stoneyacres- Thank you. its amazing how much time canning/freezing takes, but it is worth it come winter


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