Not really Sewing Saturday

Well there hasn’t been too much sewing going on to report for today, but I will tell you what has gone on in the past few days.
On Wednesday night I decided that my craft room really really really needed a good cleaning. It was getting to the point where I had to walk over things and well I heard rumours that the next episode of hoarders was going to be at my place so I got my butt in gear. The bad thing about letting things get out of control is that it takes so much extra effort to clean it. You would think I would have learnt this by now. 

My mother always kept a spotless house I however did not get those genes and instead got the ones from my father where we keep everything, don’t put away our things and leave every cupboard door open and light I would have loved to have shown you a before picture, however it was just too So long story short I spent a good part of Wednesday cleaning up, which if you clean like me means that things get worse before they get better. I still have another good couple of hours of cleaning before it is done. 

This is where things are at now.....which doesn't really let me do any The sewing machine on the other side of the room is clean, but my cutting table is piled HIGH with...crap....LOL

 Thursday night was Mr. Pickles and my 4th wedding anniversary. We decided no presents this year and instead we would spend the extra money on eating out.

Since Mr.P is Swiss we fondue quite a bit and that was our first choice of what to do for our anniversary. We were just going to stay at home and do that, however, there just happens to be a fondue restaurant in Saskatoon that we had never been to. So we figured we would give it a try and it was pretty good. Now when we put on a meat or cheese or chocolate fondue at our place we go all out and have enough meat or bread or fruit to feed us plus 4 more. You can’t really expect that from a restaurant, but it was still good enough and we left full. Now would we go back again....probably not since we do a better job, but it was something different. We are still questioning if the restaurant is the reason we were both sick that night/Friday too!!

Okay if you survived reading all of that .....back to sewing.....kind

I did end up getting a bit done. I picked the last thing on my no progress list and started on it. It is a fall wall hanging. I have everything cut out and ready to iron on. I am not very good at machine sewing the appliqué, but I shall see how it goes.....
can you guess what this will become??

Have a great day


  1. I imagine most sewing rooms get a bit cluttered. I try to keep things orderly as I sew but scraps pile up, thread hits the floor and future projects take up increasingly more room. I know where everything is. It`s just getting to it. Have a super weekend!

  2. holy moly! I feel better about my sewing space now! ;-)

    I do like the look of your wall hanging - just my sort of autumn colours.

  3. Happy four years to you and Mr. Pickles!

    Whenever I clean anything, especially the sewing room, it seems to get worse before it gets better. You'll feel more creative once things are sorted out.

  4. Happy Anniversary! And it seems no matter how much I clean up my sewing room.....the minute I start another project it is back to square one I always just go by the words a wise person said, "An organized room belongs to a person that is too lazy to look for things!" LOL.......

  5. Ha ha! I definitely tidy only because I'm too lazy to look for things!! Actually, I kind of panic whenever I can't find stuff so it's not only laziness. I hate looking for stuff!!

    I wonder if it would be a fun blog hop: from one mess to another. I think people feel their own mess is the worst because people only show their rooms when they're freshly tidied.

    Don't stress! Tidiness is a compulsion for a lot of people. Everyone should just please themselves.

  6. Hehe, I thought the pic you showed WAS the before pic ;)

    I'm the same. At work I'm very organised and everything has it's place. At home, well, everything has it's place, it just doesn't stay there. I'm trying to get better :)

    Happy anniversary. Mmm, fondue. Haven't had one in years. Not good if the restaurant made you ill, but a nice night out despite that?


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