Quilting Secrets Blog Hop day one

Quilting Secrets blog hop!!

mrs pickles garden

For those of you wondering how this all started well let me tell you!!

Last year I discovered the online quilting community and was overjoyed by their warmth,
helpfulness and creativity. However, as a new quilter seeing all the amazing
quilting/sewing projects out there I felt quite intimidated.

 In fact some projects were so wonderful it got me thinking that their
creators must have some great quilting secrets. With that thought an
idea started to fester in my head...hmmmm Quilting Secrets.....
12 months later and I figured instead of festering I should let my idea out......and

The QUILTING SECRETS Blog Hop was born!!

I have lined up 6 wonderfully talented quilters to join me in sharing a few of their Quilting Secrets !

TODAY ***Christine from Quilt Monster in My Closet DEC 31 ***
Linda from Buzzing and Bumbling JAN 1ST
Barbara from CatPatches JAN 2ND
Melissa from Sewbittersweet designs JAN 3RD
Sharon from Vroomans Quilts JAN 4TH
Sue from Quilt Times JAN 5TH
Hayley from Mrs.Pickles Garden  JAN 6TH

Today’s host is Christine from QuiltMonster in My Closet. I found Christine’s blog last year when I was trying to find my first online quilting bee. She was nice enough to let me join even though I was a beginner and I have been in awe of her talent and kindness ever since. Christine is from Tacoma Washington where she lives with her husband and their 3 cute pets. She started sewing as a teenager and admits that once she started quilting she was quickly addicted.

Quilt Monster in my Closet
To find out what lovely Quilting Secret Christine has to share with us Please check out her site

I would like to give a huge Thank you Christine for taking part in the hop and to Dario from Aurifil USA for being the sponsor of today’s giveaway.

Established in 1983, Aurifil™ is an accomplished Italian company based in Milano, with a full-grown experience in producing superior quality cotton threads for professional and domestic quilters
Building on a tradition of Innovation

Aurifil ™ is a market-oriented company dedicated to develop new products based on our quality and quilt threads solutions. They commit to create contemporary products that will have a great appeal on everyone. Aurifil™ exceeds your expectations by giving you better always! Through a contemporary creative concept you find what you need!

I hope everyone has fun on the hop I know I can't wait to read about everyone's secrets!!


  1. I am looking forward to learning a lot of helpful secrets on this hop.Thank you.

  2. Your tooooo sweet with your wonderful words about my blog! Hugs to you Hayley!! I was honored to be asked to participate. My post is up and ready for everyone to check out my secrets to HST's..*wink*

  3. A wonderful way to end the year as well as make for a fun start to a new year!!

  4. A great idea to end the old and start the new year. Christine's tips are most helpful and I'm off to buy some sandpaper before I cut any more out. I can't wait for tomorrows tips.

  5. hopping over to see Christine now...thanks!

  6. What a great start with HST tips! And a great new blog to follow.

  7. This hope is a great idea. I'm hopping over to see what great tips Christine has to share with me today.

  8. Even a long time quilter can learn new tricks! Great tip to start off with!

  9. This tutorial couldn't have come at a better time:D
    Thank you sew much
    Happy New Year!!

  10. Thanks for running this fun blog hop. Happy New Year to you and yours ... :) Pat

  11. This sounds like it will be a fun hop. I love learning new ways to do things. Thanks!

  12. I just left Christine`s blog and her secret is one I really needed. So timely and a perfectly done presentation! Thank you Mrs. Pickles for starting this great Hop. Can`t wait till tomorrow!

  13. Thanks for organizing this. It sounds like fun, and I expect to learn a lot. Happy New Year.


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