Craftroom revamp

As you may recall this was my craft room before Christmas…oh so messssy

I then made the decision to move my mess downstairs to this space
It took a couple of hours and my mother’s help, but we moved everything downstairs. eek
Besides the tv stand, shelving unit and excersise equipment all of that was in my 13x9 room

And it took another day to get it all sorted out and put away. I am still organizing things and need to pick up some peg board this week-end (unless we get all the snow they are predicting…then we won’t leave the house!)But it is pretty close to being done! I have sewed in it three times already and I LOVE all the extra space and the feeling of just getting away from everything (aka baby and Initially I wanted to buy shelving and have all my fabric folded and on display so I can see it and therefore use it. However, my mother convinced me It was just fine in the boxes and the 39 dollar shelving unit from Costco was the cheaper option vs the 150/ bookcase option.

New crafting desk. My chair back broke, but it was still usable until today as my chair sinks and makes me feel like a little The tractor poster will be replaced with pegboard

My crafting area 

Book/scrapbooking closet 

FQ and other misc sized fabric

So all in all I am pretty happy. There is still room on the west wall to put the computer table that is still up stairs in the old craft room. And the tv, exercise equip and Mr.P's tractors all still have their own space win win!!

Take care



  1. I think the new space is wonderful. So nice to be able to have a space just for sewing and crafts.
    I agree with your mom on the fabric---though it would look terrific out on display, it also would get faded (or worse). Best to keep it covered.

  2. I think it is just super!! How much more inviting and has a 'creative' air to it all.

  3. Thank you mom for helping with making this space sew wonderful. Mrs. Pickles you will be sew happy with your new Creative Space of Bliss...


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