WIP 04/02/2015 and a finish!!

I did it its done!!!! YAHOOOOO for me :) My first finish of 2015 and first item off of my to- do list. I am soo excited I literally jumped up and down when I finished it..no really I did!! Okay this is a semi lie as I still have a few threads to bury and wash it, but that’s simple…so its DONE

As you may recall after quilting squares with in each square I was going to quilt around each big square. I figured it would go quicker if I did the long width lines of the quilt first, since they matched up and then go back and do up the side. However, once I did the first line I thought it finished off the blocks quite nicely and that if I added more it might get too junky. I also decided on the advice of a few lovely ladies and my hubby to leave the border unquilted.

 That saved me a lot of time and energy :) I then tried my hand at my least and most favourite part….binding. I always have trouble getting the two sides to join at the end. I youtubed about 5 different tutorials and ended up getting it to work…kind of. I thought I was doing it right, but I didn’t I improvise and it ended up just perfect! I then used the machine to sew down the binding not something I have done too many times. I did a zigzag stitch as I thought it would hold up better,  let’s hope I am right!

Okay these pics looked better on my phone.......but

Little pickle enjoying the quilt
In this pic she is sitting, but she loves to stand and chew the crib so that's why the sides are wrapped up. Its wrapped up under the quilt too..lol

I am also working a gift and I need your input………..is this ugly?


In my mind these colours looked good, they looked good when I cut them, they looked good when I sewed them together, but once I put the block together I looked at it and went…….ummmm that’s ugly. What do you think? Be Honest

Next up
We bee Learning Jan-June 2013 quilt. I would like to get the top sewn together. More on that Next week :)

2015  Sewing Mission Statement
In order to try and get some UFO's done this year I am going to try and keep my current to do list small and just work on one thing at a time. I am going to try and not start anything "new" but instead take one thing off of my no progress list each month.

No progress Items to date (these are projects that have appeared on the to do list for 1 or more months with you guessed it.....no progress

Baby Quilt: current wip  DONE FEB 4th 2015
We bee learning jan to june 2013 Sew Blocks together, quilt
we bee learning july-dec 2013
Countless orphan "hop blocks" 20+
We bee learning 2012 group 2- I am still stuck on a second border for this one. I tried out a bunch of colours again and hate everything....Might just go with white
July 2011 BOM- I have made some progress, but forgot to take a pic!
Wonky Bee quilt: thinking
Bee Creative bee quilt: I only received blocks from 2 people so this quilt is on hold
Christmas log Cabin- sandwich and quilt
International stashes: I need to sew blocks together and quilt.
Christmas qal quilt: sandwich and quilt
Fall Wall Hanging-I have started to do a bit of the embroidery
Sew Happy Geek QAL- Blocks  9,10,11 and 12 still need to be done
Table runner- I have pieced this sucker together. Now I just need to get the backing on and quilt it
We Bee Learning group one Quilt- The grey fabric for my sashing came in. Now I need to get to work
2011 BOM- Since it is 2013 you can see I am a bit behind on this one. July-dec still need to be done

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  1. Congratulations on your finish!! Yeah! I must say the quilt looks a lot bigger on the crib than I pictured. I like the valentine motif on your blog.

  2. Wow look at you go! Great finishes and I love the sweet thing peeking over from the crib.....I think when you put those blocks together you will be pleasantly surprised.......I'm seeing the teal and orange x's with that "electric" green and yellow kind of "bolting" through the quilt.....I don't think it's ugly...truly!

  3. Love the quilt---and sweet little pickle! What a doll!

  4. Yay for a finish!! I think the block might look better if it were scrappy! Ya know! I don't think its the colours arguing with each other I think its more the variation of fabric style which tend to work better in scrappy. (If that makes sense!)

  5. Yeah to you on the finish. Sometimes less is more.

  6. Congratulations on your finish! Little Pickle is sure to treasure it!

  7. Well done, that's just great. She's going to treasure that quilt for years.


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