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I am moving onto the 2nd item on my to-do list which is the snails trail blocks from my month in the We Bee Learning bee.

If just use the blocks I have i get this. I am thinking of adding a 4 inch border to the sides in red or grey

Or I could add one more and get this. I would do a smaller border

Should I keep the middle bits all one colour like the pics above or just randomly place them out  like this. 

Quite frankly the whole thing is giving me a headache!

thanks for the help :)


  1. LOL - my Mom just made this block/quilt (although it was a King size) and we spent days laying it out. I like the middle photo layout - just flows better.

  2. I too like the middle picture for the same reason.

  3. I like the last one and the it changes every time I look...


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