Friday's thoughts

Wow I cannot believe that it is Friday again already. This month is just flying by too fast for me. Last night I told Mr. Pickles that it was almost 3 months till Christmas...he told me to shut up..Lol

I have to get through my birthday at the end of the month...the Big 30 on the 30 first, then Thanksgiving the next week-end after that and Halloween before I can even start to think about Christmas! We’ll that is a lie I am obliviously thinking about Christmas already since I am typing about it. Let just say I am not ready for the weather that goes with the holiday season more than the holiday season!

Today it is only 12C and it is raining. I was hoping to get out in the garden and haul away everything that I had pulled out. However, that is going to have to wait for another day.

Yesterday I did check the sunflowers to see if I could harvest some sunflower seeds. Only one was ready. I have been soaking the seeds in salt water and soon I shall be roasting them in the oven. I have never done this before, so I am hoping for the best!

I used the last of my cucumbers last night to make fridge pickles. I would say that more than half of them were too yellow to use so they will end up out back. I feel bad about that, however no one wanted them and we are just pickled out here. We have been looking for another fridge, but I still cannot rationalize spending 500+ for a new fridge just to hold fridge pickles and carrots! There are a lot of older ones online that we could buy and put in the garage, However I hear that they can really jack up the power bill so I am not really interested in doing that.

Speaking of cucumbers this is now what my cucumber patch looks like....frosty and crispy!


  1. Now that you have a brand new Pressure cooker , start stacking up on jars :o)...Carrots look pretty good in jars ;o) and there might be a good recipe on the internet for doing cukes another way.

  2. My goodness, I didn't realize you were still a baby! My baby boy is older then you! Thirty is nothing, things start getting good at forty and then fifty seems to sneak up on you!

  3. Gingerbreadhouse7- I was thinking i might can the carrots since i have run out of room in the freezer! The cucumbers i think had their day and i had to though most of them out.

    Robin-The 1st 30 years have gone by in a blink of the eye i hope the next 30+ slow down a bit!

  4. I think the name Mrs.Pickles is a bit misleading! I'd imagined an older lady :)

  5. RandomGardener-LOL I'm an old soul I


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