Stove woes

Well I find myself sitting here and not having a clue of what to write about. It’s not that I have bloggers block, but that fact that so many bad things are going on in my life right now I cannot seem to get out of the darkness. However, I don’t really want to write about all that now I have to think of what to write

Well I did wreck the stove :0 Mr. Pickles finally found a razor in town to remove the wonderful sugar ring off of my glass stop stove. It came off pretty easy and I was overjoyed, until I took a closer look and saw that the burner was now heavily pitted. 

Now I have no idea if I can still use that burner or not, but I am thinking probably not. So this means that we either have to get a new cook top or a new stove. The trick is finding someone in the area that can fix it, since it is pretty pricey to have someone come out from the city. We have had this stove for 5 years and we only paid 500 for it new. So unless it costs fewer than 200 bucks to fix I am just going to get a new one and learn to be more careful!!

The only other thing I can think to talk about is this huge red menace that stares back at me every time I look out the front

Now that’s a lot of crabby apples! I am going to have to get Mr. Pickles out there and start picking some before they all go bad!


  1. Maybe a new stove needed! is a blessing in disguise:o)
    Since the canning bug has bitten you, that's just the beginning of it..and those stove tops can't fit the bill.
    Start looking now :o) Remember to fix his favorite dishes until you get that new stove :o) I've had 63 years practice..learn to listen..Besides I'm older than Granny , she's just a babe.

  2. Gingerbreadhouse7-After 5 years of canning on a glass top stove I guess I really cannot complain that i finally broke the ole gal..i think I am more stressed over it than Mr.P he just says its a bleeping stove we'll buy a new one get over I think I will get another glass top though and just use the old one to do my Congrats on 63 years of marriage!! Your are an inspiration!

  3. Oh, Mrs. P., I do wish it was blogger's block and not darkness that was bothering you. We don't like darkness :-(

    Mr. Granny would totally kill me if I did that to the new cook top. I live in fear that it will happen some day. I worry when I lift a lid and the steam forms droplets of water that run onto the hot surface. I'd probably collapse into a trembling fetal position if something sugary ran over!

  4. So sorry about your stove .... not fun...hope tomorrow is a better day.

  5. Annie's Granny-I thought I would be more upset about the stove. I feel stupid that after 5 years of being careful i decided to use a pot that i knew was too small to make jelly...but Like Mr. P says its just a stove buy a new one and get over

    Barb-Thank you..but no worries its just a stove. I can still use it until we find out if we can replace the top or get a new one :P

  6. I have used this type of stove top for about 10 years and have done everything possible to ruin it. I promise that the only damage done to yours is only cosmetic. The overboils do the most harm and at least your top has the grey flecks in it, my GE had that, my kenmore is a shiny black that shows every flaw and there are many of them!
    I find that using the Cerama Bryte cleaner they recommend does help protect the top as well as clean it. Don't feel so badly, you have canned so much delicious food!

  7. Sissy-thanks for stopping by and for the words of encouragement. The pits in my stove are about 3mm deep so I think its done. I still have 1 big burner and 2 little ones so i can make do :)


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