Stupid is as Stupid Does....

If my memory serves me right that is a quote from the wonderful movie Forest Gump and it pretty wells sums up what I did last night!

In preparation for Friday’s party I was cleaning the house again yesterday. I know still must think how darn messy is that house? Well the answer is very. I try my best but with my health failing it doesn’t always work out the way I want it to. I have only finished the laundry room and the upstairs spare bedroom which means I still have A LOT to do today and tomorrow.

So with all that needs to be done I kept thinking yesterday morning that I sure need to do something with all of my tomatoes. I had appointments in the city that afternoon so I figured I would do something when I got home. Well at about 8pm I decided to make tomato sauce. I figure how long can that take. Core 35lbs of tomatoes, boil slightly, put though food mill and then just boil the sauce till the thickness I want. Well Stupid is as Stupid Does.

It took me till 10pm to core all the little buggers and then till 11 to put them through the food mill. I then ended up with too much “sauce” to fit into one pot and with only one big burner available things were not looking good. So I will have to do the other half today..I boiled the sauce for an hour and a half and even though it reduced to 2/3 it was still runny like soup. Since I still had to process everything and it was 12:30am I figured it was just going to have to be good enough. I put it into jars and started up the pressure canner......and by 2:10am I was finally able to take the jars out and go to bed.

I was able to get 9 500ml jars and 1L jar (which I didn’t process and will be used in the next day or today)
I am going to try and cook the heck out of my next batch and hopefully it gets thicker. I am thinking that too much pulp got left behind in my food mill. If anyone has any helpful hints I would love hear them via comment or e-mail.

So now of course the kitchen is a disaster zone which doesn't Stupid is as Stupid does!


  1. They look pretty good to me! I don't see any water at the top...maybe that's it..unless you make a rue for the sauce when you use them.

  2. Don't worry too much about the house. I always go crazy cleaning when we are having company and they really don't notice. Just clean up that kitchen, hide all the junk then dust and vaccuum!

  3. Sorry no tips on the tomato sauce....I have done stuff before that I "thought" would take a certain amount of time and it ends up taking longer. Good luck with the next batch of sauce.
    Quilting by the River

  4. Your tomatoe sauce looks great. I'm sure your guests won't notice if your house isn't perfectly clean.


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