Sewing Saturday

As the garden is winding down my thoughts are turning to what the heck am I going to do with myself in a couple of weeks or over winter!

Unlike some of my other blogging buddies I won’t be planting a fall crop. Well I am thinking of planting some garlic since our local university says September is the best time to plant garlic in Saskatchewan. However, that will be it. I know there are a few veggies that they say you can plant in the fall so that they will be ready come early spring, but I don’t know if that applies to Saskatchewan. Our winters are pretty darn brutal!

I do plan on doing some indoor planting come February so that I can plant seedlings come May instead of just seeds. I would like to do a lot more succession planting next year instead of everything being ready in September.

So what do I do with myself between fall and spring........Sew Sew Sew. Or at least that is my plan hence the Sewing Saturday’s. Okay beware the rest of this post is long winded and without

I fell in love with sewing back when I was 12. My family had moved to England and the school that I went two had this program where you spent 2 months out of the year in either Textiles, Wood work, Art, Ceramic or Cooking.  It was pretty neat when I reflect back on it and that is where I fell in love with sewing. I think the 1st thing I ever made was a pillow. Nothing fancy, but it had me hooked. We couldn’t afford a sewing machine so my parents bought me a little hand held one and a made a few more pillows. Over the next decade and a half I always wanted to learn how to sew more, but need for a sewing machine versus cost never matched up.

About 3 years ago I took a sewing class with my mother and had all these aspirations of wonderful things I was going to make, however, I am ashamed to admit the only things I have made are a pair of PJ pants for me and one for Mr. Pickles and that was part of the class . Nonetheless I was still in love with sewing and started to fall in love with quilting. I probably have about 20 or so quilting magazines and books, but not one quilt. My mother on the other hand has one quilt, 1 wall hanging, 8 placemats and 4 other projects she is working on now.  Gesh what a show Nonetheless, I know that the fact that my brain isn’t working well with the rest of my body makes trying to sew more than a little difficult so I try not to beat myself up too much.

Well I plan on changing things. A few months ago I came across a few quilting sites and joined 2 sites and that are getting me back on the sewing path. By chance a day after I followed I was reading on a new contest that Madame Samm was going to be hosting for Wantobe quilters just like me. I thought wow how lucky am I. And then I noticed that you had to sign up with a sponsor and wouldn’t you know it Sue@ quittimes was sponsoring newbie’s like me! It seemed like it was meant to be. So I took part in the contest every MWF and thought there isn’t a chance I would ever win anything, but getting to find new quilting sites was still winning for me. And then guess what I won!! WOW I never win anything...I was so happy I danced around the house for days.

Whilst following Madame Samm’s other site she introduced me to the Gastlies fabric line by Alexander Henry. I was obsessed at once.  I told her that I was going to make something out of that fabric line and she invited me to be part of the blog hop. That is why I have the button on my blog now.

So if I wasn’t motivated to start sewing before now I have a whole group I cannot let down. I am terrified and excited. I just hope I can actually sew something and if not then maybe I can just blanch and freeze the fabric or can it...I’m good at doing both of
Thanks for listening


  1. I want to see some of those blanched and frozen fabrics!

    Good for you! I used to sew a lot, having five kids to dress. I saved a lot of money making my daughter's gymnastics clothes, and she was the best dressed gymnast on the team.

    I'll not be planting a winter garden, as we'll be heading south soon. I imagine I'll have a ton of weeding, pruning and yard cleanup once we get to our other house, and that will keep me busy for a loooong time.

  2. How esciting! I have been sewing since I was 5 years old and starting making all my clothes at 8! I've got the sewing bug today and decided to get some alterations done on a few things.

    I haven't made a quilt in 15 years....but, I'm planning to make one this winter. You will fall in love with quilting and do just fine!

  3. Has anyone ever warned you that quilting is addictive??

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  4. Good hobby to have, as it's useful! Myself, will wind down with non-fiction books :)

  5. Annie's Granny- If i can't think of anything else to sew i assure you i will blanch and freeze that fabric!

    Lucky you going to warmer weather! I hope the other house doesn't need too much yard work.

    Robin-sewing since you were 5 wow!can't wait to see the quilt you plan of making this winter!

    Sue-Yes they have!!

    Randomgardener-what non-fiction books do you plan on reading...i love to read too!


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