Its a lovely day for canning, or sewing or cooking oh my!

Well last night I did not use the pressure cooker to can tomatoes like I had planned to. When Mr. Pickles left to go to work for the evening I told him I was going to use it and he proceeded to give me a long list of things I needed to do to the canner and then asked me if I really thought I could do it on my own. So that freaked me out and I didn’t want to use it. When he comes home for lunch today I think we will have a dry run and then I will feel more confident about using it. The plan for tonight is getting those tomatoes canned no matter what!

I may try and get some crab apples canned this afternoon too. They are getting pretty ripe in the porch and i still have almost all the ones i picked a week ago. I will have to look online to see what else i can do with them!

Yesterday my Ghastlies fabric finally arrived. I was so excited I jumped up and down. It’s even lovelier than I thought it would be. The only downside is that now I think I should have waited to choose my accent fabrics, because I am not sure if I like the way everything looks together. I’ll make it work though either way. It’s my first big project and I am just going to be happy that I get it done and now how it looks. I say that now, but wait for an upcoming post called it’s not what wanted it to look

Here is just a screen shot of the fabric from my invoice from Quilt Taffy on Its just lovely! 

The sewing will have to wait until the tomatoes and crab apples are taken care of. I still have to get in there and clean up my craft room too. In addition to all of that I also have to plan out a menu for my b-day party and make all the snacks I can and freeze them.  Everything seems to be happening at once! So unfortunately I think sewing is going to have to take a back seat for the rest of the month. As long as I have something ready for the blog hop on the 24th of October everything will be just fine!


  1. Is that halloween theme fabric? I finally did a big batch of blanching and freezing tomatoes, yesterday.

  2. RandomGardener- The fabric is from Alexander Henry's The Ghastlies line. It comes in white, grey, mauve, and orange. I wanted to make something halloweeny so I chose the orange. Glad to hear you got some tomatoes done. its such a long process but worth it!


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