Harvest Monday September 12th

This week was a scorcher which was a good thing cause I think it gave everything in the garden the final push it needed. On Wednesday they are calling for an evening low of -1C so I better as much as I can out of the garden.

Last night they were not calling for frost, but I think we got a little bit. The cucumbers, potatoes, and tomato plants are all a bit crispy.

I was finally able to weigh my onions that I was curing. They came out to 9 lbs

The Roma tomatoes are still doing very well. However, I did notice some little black dots on the tops of a few. I am thinking frost got them. I threw them away just in case it is something else. These are all the ones I picked today. 23.9lbs. they are not quite ripen but with frost coming I picked anything that was starting to turn. I think I just may pull up the plants tonight and bring in everything else to ripen indoors.

The cherry tomatoes are still producing albeit very slowly. I was able to harvest 1.10lb today, the rest might just get lost due to frost

Monsters I mean carrots are ready. I am thinking that I should have harvested them a month ago. They are HUGE. However, I have always had to wait  until late September so I didn’t think to do it sooner!

The purple carrots are along the same line. I only pulled 3 since I have too many other things to can, cook, or freeze tonight. Take a look at that crazy one..soo funny!

Beets are moving into that monster category as well. I had to leave them in since I didn’t know what else to do with them. I brought in enough to make borsch tonight and the other 15 still in the garden are just going to have to wait.

Zucchini are still flowering...good for them..lol I picked anything I could find today so this may just be the last of them.

Cauliflower and Broccoli......well they weren’t doing much of anything for awhile so I left a few in. I had 2 heads of broccoli flower on me so I pulled them. They sure were pretty though. I also pulled out the rest of the cauliflower. The ones that were left...well I am not sure if we will eat them or not they look a little gnarly!

I would like to thank Daphne from Daphne’s Dandelions for hosting Harvest Mondays. Please stop by her site and visit some other great blogs as well.

Weekly Harvest totals for September 12th 2011
Onions 9lbs
Tomato, Roma 23.9lbs
Tomato, Cherry 1.10lb
Carrots 5.8lbs
Carrots, purple 1.3lb
Beets 9.10lbs
Zucchini 6.2lbs
Cauliflower 4.10lbs
Broccoli 1lb
Weekly Total 61.5lbs
Total to date 574.8lbs


  1. Nice harvests! Love the beets, deer ate all of mine this year(:

  2. The good thing about your garden getting a frost is that maybe I can catch up with you! I still have a month to go for our first freeze. Of course, you can always giggle about my cucumbers ;-)

  3. Fab harvest, no kidding about the beetroot - they are huge.

  4. Randomgardener-Thank you! Sorry to hear deer ate all of your beets!

    Gingerbreadhouse7-LoL i think you are right!

    Annie's Granny-hey don't make me come down there and kick ya...lol Maybe I will start buying from the farmers market and pass it off as my own..lol

    Shaheen-thank you and thanks for stopping by!


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