Harvest Monday September 26th 2011

Well unfortunately all I have to show for harvest Monday is this

All of these potatoes are from one plant and there are 16 in total. I think that a pretty good count for one plant. This year I thought I cut down on potatoes, but I just realized that last year I had 2 rows and this year I have 3...oops! 

Our potatoes always seem to go rotten before we can eat them all. I think that is in part because I forget to use them. They go down into the cold room and I think it’s the old out of sight out of mind scenario. Starting today I have made a weekly menu and I am going to try and keep that up every week. That way maybe I won’t forget about the potatoes or all the other lovely veggies I have canned or froze.

The rest of my potatoes and carrots are all still in the ground since I need to do something with all my tomatoes first! So there may be a few more harvest Monday’s in my future yet!

My canning is falling a bit behind since I am trying to get the house cleaned for my party on Friday. In 2 days I have only managed to get the laundry room and about two thirds of one guest bedroom done.  It always seems that I make more of a mess when I clean up then actually clean. Oh well I am sure it will eventually all get done. I want to try and make a few of my appetizers for the party tonight so that will push canning back a bit more too. We’ll see though since I don’t know how much longer the crab apples can wait.

Thank you to our host of harvest Mondays Daphne from Daphne's Dandelions. Please check out her blog and all the other wonder harvest from around the world.

Weekly harvest total for September 26th
Potatoes, Red 9lbs
Grand total to date 708lbs


  1. Those are some nice looking potatoes that could be well saved with that new pressure cooker of yours :o)
    Once in the jar they will last for quite a spell :o)

  2. Very nice harvest of potatoes from one plant! I agree with Ginny, you can can some of those nice potatoes with your new pressure canner! I'm sure you have a lot of extra time :)

  3. Thank you ladies. I think i am going to have to try and can potatoes for sure now. Just need to get through all my tomatoes first!

  4. Looks like your garden is producing in leaps and bonds. Enjoy your harvest and your party this weekend.


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