Week 17 and 18

I just realized that I forgot to blog about week 17 last Thursday. I had been do good for so long and then it just slipped my mind!

Well nothing really important happened in the garden for week 17. The onions were all pulled from the garden and either braided or frozen. The tomatoes were still ripening and everything else was still growing. I had given up on the cucumbers as I still have over 80lbs in the porch rotting by the min. I should do something with them today! The flowers were all in full bloom and the sunflowers were slowly reaching their end. That reminds me I need to go out today and chop them down so I can process the seeds.

Week 18 is a little more interesting. The Roma tomatoes are now all out of the garden and sitting the porch. I covered the cherry tomatoes best I could and the frost doesn’t seem to have gotten to too many of them, but there is frost damage for sure.

I left the corn all in the garden. They were pretty gross tasting so I figured why save them. I may go out and take a look at them today and bring some in, but more likely I will just pull them out and throw them out.
The remainder of the beets will come out today too. We should be getting frost every night now and unlike the potatoes and the carrots I don’t think the beets will last in the ground.

The leeks and garlic never resulted to much this year. I am going to dig up the garlic and see if there is anything there and then replant. The leeks are still so tiny, but I might pull them and at least get one batch of leek soup!

I have taken the dill seed and tossed it around the garden. I am either going to love that I did that or I will be swearing at myself come next summer

So to sum it all up besides the carrots and potatoes everything else in the garden in done for the year. I will likely wait another week before i take the rest in. Unless we get snow!


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