Sewing Saturday

As much as I would have liked to wowed everyone and showcased some amazing project I made for my 2nd sewing Saturday that just wasn't in the cards this week. With all the horrible issues with the In-laws and all the canning that I have to do there hasn't been much time for sewing. My craft room looks like a tornado went through it so that must be cleaned up and then turned into half a sewing room before any real sewing can start
Last Sunday I purchased the fabric for my Ghastlies Blog hop project. Well to be more specific the accent fabric to go along with my Ghastlies project. I am still waiting on my Ghastlies fabric from the states.  I have drawn out what I want to make and now it is just a waiting game as to when I can start making it. I hope it gets here in time!
The Ghosts glow in the dark!

I have also been looking online for patterns to go with the prize I won on the wanttobequilters campaign. What I won was this...just lovely!

Madame Samm threw in a few patterns for me as extras. They are suppose to be easy, but my brain is having trouble processing what to My mother agrees that they are very easy and that she can help me, but i am still the  little kid that wants to do it on her own without Mommy's help. And then I will go running to her when I can’t do

I checked out the Modafabric site and in their Bakery they have quite a few ideas for using Jelly rolls. I even found one that I like. However, it is for a huge queen size quilt and I don’t know if I would ever put it on my bed. I just spent a big chunk of change on a new duvet cover ...but my fabric is Christmas Themed so maybe. I am going to have to think a bit on that. Maybe a table runner or wall hanging would be better.

Well I'm off to make crab apple jelly and hopefully this time I wont be wrecking the stove top!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make for the Ghastlies hop.

    You won some lovely fabrics and there are loads of patterns out there that you could make. Why not do the one you found that you like, but make less blocks and have it as a lap quilt?


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