Preserving Tuesday

I think I am repeating myself every week here, but I didn't get as much canned as I would have liked to. I have been lazy or let’s say run down cause that sounds better. I have had my new pressure canner a whole week now and it is still sitting on the floor. I am kind of afraid to use it too so that doesn't help!

The week I was able to can 7 250ml jars of crab apple Jelly. I did not wreck the stove this time. I was smart and used my large pot instead of my medium pot..I am still slapping myself over that.

I also made 11 250ml jars of Peach Zucchini jam. I think I could have made it 12, but I ran out of jars. While I was pouring the mixture into the jars I realized that I had forgotten to peel the zucchini before I grated it! So it doesn’t look as pretty as it normally does, but hopefully it still tastes okay. I guess I could have thrown it out and started over. However, I was out of sugar, pineapple and cherries. So that would not have worked.

Tonight I am going to have to start canning some tomatoes or at least pick all the ripened ones out of the box with all the green ones. I am going to try and use the pressure canner to do some 1L jars of whole tomatoes. I hope it goes well.

Okay my ever growing list of things to can this week
Whole tomatoes
Tomato sauce
Crab apple butter
Whole crab apples
Bruschetta in a jar
Beetroot relish


  1. Once you get thru the first pressure canning you will feel better..:o)

  2. Gingerbreadhouse7- Thanks for the pep talk!!


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